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This seems like as good as a place as any to drop this.    NEW SPOON!

Surprisingly rock with attitude sound on this new single. They seem to meander from solidly good to amazing, so I'm always down for more.

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Another new song from their forthcoming album. I absolutely love this one. Very much looking forward to hearing the entire record.





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They are playing Seattle, too. I'm thinking about it. Right now for budgetary reasons I'm reluctant to throw more money down for shows that may or may not happen. I'm glad I got to see Wilco & MMJ in October. I've got 3 shows (The Beths, DBT & TWOD) scheduled in February, not sure they're going to happen. Hopefully the omicron wave crests soon. A lot of shows here that would've easily sold out in the past aren't. I was shocked to see there were still tickets available for Guided by Voices as the tickets have been on sale for months.

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