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dream opening band for wilco

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How fun to see pictures from that show at the Pines! That was my first Wilco show, and I was way in the back and didn't have much of a view.


And that early in the evening I was still really drunk



Wasn't that a fun show-such a great place to see them. they were having a good time that night -

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I was at the Pines show when Autumn Defense opened. Jeff seemed to be in a bad mood for a good part of the night...


could be - you most likely know him much better than I do. IN 2006,at the Pines, he had a walking cast on. he spoke to us about it -just a few words. He got a pie from a chick next to me (pecan pie) - they all put head bands on, the band members used elctrical tape and put fake mustaches on ragging on Jeff tweedy for all the hair on his face. So, he hid it well from us! It was a great experience for us and I think he must that kind of performer, who puts on a great show regardless.

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