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I really want a twelve string and I have an old Tele I was thinking of customizing anyway.


Would it be at all possible to customize this into a 12 String?


Any and all help would be awesome on this if you guys know anything about the following:


1 - is it possible? I suppose everything is


2 - Where can I get parts?


3 - Would I have to change pickups, neck, headstock, etc?


Thanks guys.

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I can't speak to the logistics of attempting this (though I suspect that 12-strings have wider necks to accomodate the extra strings, and I doubt the headstock would accomodate extra tuners), but 12-strings are built to to handle the increased tension on the neck resulting from the additional strings. So, I imagine that, at the very least, a modification would require an entirely new neck and possibly some sort of reinforcement where the neck bolts on to the body. I'm not sure about pickps, but I believe your biggest problem would be the dramatic increase in string tension.

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Wagon's right...too many issues, never happen...youll have to get a custom neck and nut made (unless you have super skinny fingers), even then itll be too hard to play...stock pickups could work, but youd have to have a new saddle assembly, find some way to fit 6 more tuners and wider string trees on the tele style neck, and fill the original, then redrill 12 holes in the body under the bridgeplate and add ferrules...string tension would be the last of these worries, and while any tension rod could compensate, the issue would exist...



after spending the time, effort, and considerable money in this project, you could have purchased anyone of several good electric 12s out there...schecter makes a really cool danelectro 12 string copy which rocks ($500)



If you really want to customize the old tele, make it into a kick ass old tele, still save you time an money...




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It's been done before, and it can be done again.


I'll second Groo. I was in a band where the other guitarist made a partscaster into a 12-string. I think he got a 12-string neck from Warmoth. It didn't sound as cool as his Rickenbacker, but it did the trick.


Overall, this is probably a more expensive option in money and time than just trawling ebay for a dano 12-string, but you might be interested in the challenge if you like working on guitars.


By the way, if you're worried about string tension, tune down a whole step.

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