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Haha, exactly my reaction!


reaction to... what exactly? the pedal itself? the custom nature? that nels gave it to jeff?


most pedal makers will do custom and i give my band mates gifts all the time :)


the blister agent looks interesting but @ $425 I dont think so...

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Welcome to the board. How come those guys didn't come to my birthday party and give me a custom Mid Fi pedal? That's awesome. How did you come across that, you workin for Mid-Fi want me to demo any new models?


Oh, no, sadly I'm not. Just ask Doug. By the way, he was really glad to see it on Jeff's board. He didn't know if Tweedy was really using this combo live or not.


That little brown pedal right next to the Brown Rabbit is a boost (also made by Freakshow Fx). Here is a bunch:



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