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Wilco mention in April issue of Esquire

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10 "Sky Blue Sky" - Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Eos)

09 "Our Country" - John Mellencamp (2007 Chevy Silverado)

08 "You Are My Face" - Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Jetta)

07 "Walken" - Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Jetta)

06 "Stars" - Hum (2007 Cadillac CTS)

05 "Either Way" - Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Beetle)

04 "Red Morning Light" - Kings of Leon (2008 Ford Focus)

03 "The Funeral" - Band of Horses (2008 Ford Edge)

02 "The Thanks I Get" - Wilco (2007 Volkswagen GTI)

01 "Whatever song was playing behind the footage of Bob Dylan driving a big, black luxury SUV through the desert for the 2008 Cadillac Escalade"


And you can watch them here http://www.esquire.com/features/esky/esky-...l-0408?click=pp

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:lol I just expected a more thorough search to be done before creating a separate topic.




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I watched the videos for the heck of it and the one for "The Thanks I Get" is NOT the one that aired out this way. At least, it's not the one that was overplayed for sure.

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