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That's another good reason not to update my iTunes, then.


With as frequently as there are iTunes updates, I expect it to eventually include a program that will feed my cat and reorganize my sock drawer while I'm at work.


I love Firefox, and it's good to hear there's a new version coming out soon. There's still a few sites that I have trouble with when I'm on it, though. Netflix, for instance, only offers their instant viewing feature in IE. That's about the only reason I use IE anymore.


Netflix instant viewing is now possible in Firefox (and Opera incidentally). I think it requires the Silverlight plugin.

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Ok, I need that Foxmarks thing.


Who makes Opera? It looks great but now that I want Foxmarks, they don't make Foxmarks for that. :pirate


If I understand if correctly, Foxmarks syncs your bookmarks across all computers you use. If so, Opera does this without an extension by signing up for Opera Link




I sync between my home, office, and Blackberry Storm. Works perfectly but I've never used Foxmarks so I can't compare them.


Also, the Opera Link website also lets you log in and access your bookmarks (and notes) from anywhere.

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