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My Brother Was Buried Today

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my father-in-law passed away ~ 5 years ago due to liver complications brought on by struggles w/ alcaholism. it pains me that my kids will never get to know their other grandfather, who (addiction aside) was a good man who thought the world of the concept of family.


it was excrutiatingly rough on my mom/brother-in-law and wife...but as time has passed, while you never forget, you do learn to cope and make it appreciate your own life even more. stay strong, god bless.

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Very sad to hear. Strong vibes for you and your family in your time of need.


"If we wait too long we risk learning that life is not a game lost nor won...but simply, most often, it is a game that is not played."

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My parents chose a gravestone today, which was the last of many hard & almost unbearable things for them, and they asked me to scan the latest picture of Boris to print it out for them and put it into a frame, so I take this opportunity to post the picture, as I think I said somewhere I would.




This picture apparently was taken just a few days before he died; apparently he wanted to use it to try and get back into a proper job, i.e. for his applications.

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