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Favorite songs with girls names as the title

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Child will you come on down

Come on in with me

Morning says to idle on

Stay clear of the street.

On the wing

And on the land

Can you sing

With anything

Do you wanna dance

Do ya

Do ya, do ya, do ya wanna dance

Stroke it Noel

They say we're lazy men

Drinkin' our white wine

We could go right insane

'Cause we can buy the time

Oh, keep an eye

On the sky

Will they come

Oh the bombs

Do you wanna dance

Easy now, easy now

Do ya, do ya, do ya wanna dance

Do ya wanna, do ya, wanna dance

I love that song, and those strings, simply sublime--Noel plays a mean violin, even if he's not a girl :D.

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"Stephanie Says" / The Velvet Underground


"So Long, Marianne" / Leonard Cohen


"Kim You Bore Me To Death" / Grandaddy


"Peggy Sue" / Buddy Holly


"Dear Prudence"


"Sexy Sadie"

"Lovely Rita" / The Beatles


"Jennifer" / Faust


"Yoshimi Pt. 1 & 2" / The Flaming Lips


"Andalucia" / John Cale


"Wicked Annabella"


"Lola" / The Kinks

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I loved you since I knew ya

I wouldn't talk down to ya

I have to tell you just how I feel

I won't share you with another boy

I know my mind is made up

So put away your make up

Told you once I won't tell you again it's a bad way



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velvet underground-lisa says



ben kweller-lizzy

ben kweller-harriet's got a song

ben kweller-debbie don't worry doll

alkaline trio-emma

the anniversary-sweet marie

clap your hands say yeah-emily jean stock

the cure-a letter to elise

damien rice-amie

weezer-mykel and carli

rhett miller-help me, suzanne

death cab for cutie-what sarah said

elliott smith-clementine

franz ferdinand-jaqueline

franz ferdinand-eleanor put your boots on

gomez-sweet virginia



jimmy eat world-claire

nickel creek-helena

ozma-natalie portman


the pixies-allison

rilo kiley-jenny you're barely alive

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Bob Dylan - Angelina


One of his most underrated songs. Simply amazing lyrics.

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