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Now Playing, June 2008

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Things I've listened to today:


Lil Wayne - The Carter III: Glad to see Wayne's still crazy and that the official stuff lives up to the bootlegs. Prolly a few more slower jams on here than I'd like but that's ok cause he can pull it off. On first listen I'd say Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, Let The Beat Build, and Comfortable are faves.


Deerhunter - Microcastle: Hot damn is this a good one. Poppier than Cryptograms, Cox seems like he went in the direction of the Flourescent Grey EP. Lots of great stuff here, my fave right now is Nothing Ever Happened.


Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer: A better rip has surfaced and after my umpteenth listen I'd say this is still one of (if not #1) my favorite albums this year. I am a WP fanboy so of course I love it.


Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends: The title track is pretty overblown but I like it as a pop song. I just hate that damn itunes commercial. From there on out there doesn't seem to be much to like, but I'm no Coldplay fan to begin with. The shoegaze jam at the end of Yes is pretty awesome though and Death and All His Friends is alright.

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Was: 61pmOuIuQ9L._SL500_AA240_.jpg and Now: 41M77FX7HAL._SL500_AA240_.jpg

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I went against the grain this morning during my commute:




I think I would like modern hip hop so much more if they were all backed by a live band.

there's a lot of great hip hop bands w/ a live band


one of the better local Mpls ones, Heiruspecs, are friggin' great

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Guest Cousin Tupelo
is he seriously wearing a che guevera shirt?


Hey, I bought my daughter a che quevera shirt -- in Havana! Can't get more real than that ('cept the tag says "Made in China")

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