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I would have liked to make these Red Rocks shows, but I got shut out for tix.  I mean literally, I got ZERO tickets even offered and I tried ALL the presales and onsales and all that shit when they went on sale.


Looks like they played well and Jim looks really healthy from photos I saw, he lost a bunch of weight.  I'm glad they did these shows, but are they really back?  Seems more like a handful of reunion shows than the band really being a permanent full time band again.  I am not holding out hope they will fully return with MMJ as the full time main gig of all the players.  I hope that happens, but its not looking that way to me.  i hope I'm wrong and this is just the teaser to a coming end of the hiatus back to full time touring.  I haven't seen them since frickin' 2015! 

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Reviving this thread to ask a question (that it looks like Shug was asking almost a year ago):


Anyone get the feeling that Jim has lost a lot of interest in MMJ over the last couple years?

ya. he still brings it live from what i can tell but you can pretty much tell that MMJ isn't his primary focus anymore. i saw the rest of the band back Ray LaMontagne & they were excellent. way more interesting than Ray himself. maybe the band & Jim just needed a break from the grind. we'll hope for the best!

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I listened to the webcast premiere of the album tonight. I really enjoyed the Waterfall 2 - very psychedelic overall. Jim's singing is sounding a lot more akin to the earlier records, as far as the tone and production (to me it's a lot less of the newer distorted vocal sound and a lot more clear, high, reverb-y and ethereal sounding - he really nails the soul sound on some of the tracks here too). I loved the arrangements, felt like a lot of new territory here but also some of the familiar rock n' roll elements. I'm stoked to hear it again when it's out tomorrow.

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Anyone get the feeling that Jim has lost a lot of interest in MMJ over the last couple years?




Not only is Water Fall II out (and pretty great), they've already recently finished recording a proper new album and were chomping at the bit to hit the road again. How wrong I was!

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On 10/7/2021 at 9:14 AM, tongue-tied lightning said:

new record coming. I unfortunately missed this tour, but have watched lots of live vids. This band is just relentless. I've always loved Jim's writing & singing, the whole band is now right up there with Wilco. Should I dare say, sometimes I love them more.   


My wife and I saw them in Santa Barbara and they were just ON FIRE. We have seen them lots of times including NYE in Denver, Red Rocks, Jazzfest in NOLA and multiple times around LA - this show was among my favorite times we've seen them. Can't wait for the new record.

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