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your covers of songs...

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I have updated my MUXTAPE page with old bands' covers of:

Prince - "When Doves Cry" (noise-rock version)

Naked Raygun - "Rat Patrol" (straight-forward, but faster)

Del Shannon - "Runaway" (just an excuse for me to play the organ solo on guitar)




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Thanks, pifin!


I updated the page again, with the first half of songs being me and my bands covering others, and the second half being other folks covering my songs.


Seems like a thing.

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Not sure this'll work but, what the hell.



Great choice of covers. I love that Handsome Family song. Very nice version too I might add.



Nice one Froggie. I think I'm going to have to relearn that one. Page sure came up with some stunning chord progressions.

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My band plays a bunch of covers live...IMO some sound better than others!

We do:


Cortez the Killer (Neil Young)

Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan)

Fans (Kings of Leon)

Wagon Wheel (Old Crowe Medicine Show)

Cripple Creek (The Band)

Stir it Up (Marley)

Let it Ride (Ryan Adams)


I think Wagon Wheel is my favorite..basically because we do it electric, so our approach/arrangement is very different.

Heaven's Door is fun too...I get to play some slide on it :)

Have some vids on:


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Here's me doing John Cale's "Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)":



My old college band, Prison Rodeo, doing Elvis Costello's "Radio Radio" at the Blind Pig in 2004:



Damn .m4a files!!! I was really looking forward to hearing this, too.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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And sorry for me.

I couldn't get on to it at work on my Mac. And now I'll have to wait for my wife to let me use her Mac Book sometime this weekend, if I can.

I still want to hear it.

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