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Lollapalooza....would like to hear about it...

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Okay fuck it...I'll start a non-Wilco thread on this event, since I know people will report on Jeff's solo set and certainly the Wilco set. I am interested in how it is going for people (we are dodging the really hot weather) and hear the bands people saw and how they liked them...



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Raconteurs were good -- it was weird because I'd seen all those guys play before, but not together.


Would have liked to have been closer for Radiohead, but they were great anyway.


That's all I saw yesterday. Didn't get there until sort of late. Will get there a little earlier today.

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Wilco, Rage Bring The Noise At Lollapalooza

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy

August 03, 2008 , 9:10 AM ET

Katie Hasty, Chicago


Two very different rock acts headlined at the same time on opposite ends of Chicago's Grant Park last night (Aug. 2), closing the second day of Lollapalooza. Wilco and Rage Against The Machine helped draw the second sell-out crowd in a row to the event, a feat which had never happened in the previous three years.


Though Rage certainly deserved the spotlight as the sun set, tearing into tracks like "Calm Like a Bomb" and "Bulls on Parade," a few hundred fans made their own noise by breaking down a fenced barrier around the perimeter and rushing into the grounds. A number of fans were also ejected by security for moshing.


There were no such issues across the field as the six members of Wilco traipsed out in unique, rhinestone-enhanced country and western suits, each in a different bold color. Frontman Jeff Tweedy would later joke, "We saw Radiohead last night, which was awesome, but they obviously haven't been doing a lot of sewing."


The group's performance was enjoyably loose as it touched on its vast back catalog, opening with the oldie "Misunderstood" and closing with the one-two punch of the vintage "Monday" and "Outtasite (Outta Mind)." The Total Pros horn section guested for the last five tunes, and Wilco also played a new song, "One Wing," which built nicely on the minor-key guitar attack featured on the 2007 album "Sky Blue Sky."


Earlier, soul-influenced acts Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Jamie Lidell kept things classy; the latter wore a jacket and cumberbund, sans shirt, though his backing multi-instrumentalist simply wore a short terrycloth robe and a conical bamboo hat. Lupe Fiasco took the stage in an all-white suit to the tune of the "Rocky" theme, as the announcer heralded a "new name" for the festival: "Lupepalooza."

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Yeah, hopefully the three other headliners will be better.


I mean at least last year there were only two headliners past their prime (ok, three if you count Wilco ;) ), and they were only 15 years past their prime at that point, not 20-25...

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Kings of Leon are headlining too.




The headliners for a festival of Lolla's size are almost necessarily older bands, because those are the bands that have had the time to create a fanbase big enough to draw 50,000some people to Grant Park.


And yet another reason why I don't understand KoL as a headliner.

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Hey.........deja vu!!


The only Lolla I saw had Janes Addiction headlining.



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