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Wilco 08/12/2008

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I'm in.


Still, I was thinking a little all day breakfast joint/pizza parlor in Petersburg might go well. There is a deep vein of money that needs to be mined.


Also - coffee shop with handmade glass cups.

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We had early breakfast/coffee/chai in Bethlehem, NH at a coffee shop the NY Times called the "best coffee shop in the mountains".


I got rotten bananas and more labels to put on bags and boxes.

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They sat a while in silence

Then they turned at last to me

'We will call you Cygnus,

The god of Balance you shall be'


We can walk our road together

If our goals are all the same

We can run alone and free

If we pursue a different aim


Let the truth of love be lighted

Let the love of truth shine clear


Armed with sense and liberty

With the Heart and Mind united

In a single perfect sphere

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I've got Timmy on my lap, and if Jeff popped in this thread, I could die happy, surrounded by my favorite people on the planet. On the way back from the airport Sweet Caroline, Tim and I stopped at the shelter to scope out puppies. When Caroline leaves in a couple weeks, I'm gonna need one.

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