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By any chance has anyone here checked out any of the Harmony re-issues?




They look pretty cool...wondering if they sound like the old ones.



I'm looking at the H-44 reissue in particular. I had an Airline H-44 but it didn't have the bite that the originals have due in part to the mini humbucker instead of the hershey bar.


Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has played one.




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Those are some interesting-looking guitars. I must admit that I, too, am now curious about these guitars. I see that the company is based in Illinois, but I wonder if the guitars are made there or are assembled cheaply in China. Of course, at one time Sears owned the company and sold them through their catalogue. Anyway, my interest is piqued if anyone has any information.

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Awesome* The guitarist in a band I was recently in had an original Rebel. It was a ncie guitar. Not that that means the new ones are worth a crap.


Several of those models appeal to me. Now that I decided against buying a new ride cymbal maybe I can get one of these guitars.


My friend Anna with her vintage Bobcat:



* I take that back. I just looked at Elderly's website. These guitars are GROSSLY overpriced.

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Indeed, they are pretty over priced. They are at a similar price point as the Eastwood guitars which are also made in Korea. The new Harmony's have truss rods and other modern appointments which drive the cost up i guess.


The Korean made Eastwood I had was very well made...as good or better than any Fender or Gibson I've seen (no offense intended, put your hair down).



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