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Southern California Wilco Jam!

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dang, i just saw this. i can barely play anymore. and i've like only learned one tune OTV . . . ,


but i'll just do a cecil taylor imatation during the noise sections and fake the rest . . .


so doesn't nels play at barnsdale art park on labor day, monday sept. 1st for the angel city jazz fest. (w/ becca in tow)

you could just crash his gig, they play outside . . .


seriously, it sounds like fun, i'll try to go to a bunch of 12 step meetings before hand to try and reign in my buttheadedness


oh yeah, did any of us ever buy the music book, i know it's the lazy way . . . i'll try and order it,

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I'm stoked for this. I played in a cover band (with much older dudes) for a while and I was really the only computer literate one in the band, so I made up all the chord sheets for everyone. Once we decide on some songs and stuff, I would be totally cool with doing this if it would help out. Figure it might save a couple bucks on buying the books.


Also...guess there is the lyrics and tabs forum here at VC. :yes

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damn so far away...best i can do is jam out here and be there in spirit


We'll be jamming with you in spirit, too. Actually, I was hoping that if this SoCal jam is successul (i.e. no one loses a finger or an eye), then it might encourage people to organize other, similar jams in their towns (the safety of which, however, I cannot guarantee*) so we can all jam together in spirit.


* Not that I guarantee the safety of the SoCal jam -- it's highly likely that someone with lose a finger or an eye. :pirate

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Here's the suggestions so far for a setlist:


California Stars

Far, Far Away

Forget the Flowers

I Got You

Jesus Etc.


Passenger Side




There's still room for more songs, so post or PM me your preferences. It looks like we'll have a bass, piano, and a Hammond B3 (um, yeah, those last two will be totally digital) in addition to the guitars so there will be a good palette to play with. There'll also be a Mellotron (um, again, digital) so y'all can add more Summerteeth songs to the setlist.


We haven't set the date yet because we're waiting for you. :wub

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By the way, I am still tentatively "in" for this one. I only play acoustic guitar, unfortuneatly - I don't even own an electric guitar.


Here are my suggestions for the setlist:


Hell is Chrome


Red Eyed and Blue

You Are My Face

How to Fight Lonliness

Via Chicago

Ashes of American Flags

Pot Kettle Black

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I'm not going to be a part of this in person, sadly, as I really want to, but I'd suggest not that much complicated, hard to organize/jam on Wilco, like Hummingbird, Muzzle Of Bees, Pot Kettle Black, and Hell Is Chrome.


Definitely have I Got You and Hotel Arizona. Hate It Here would ROCK. So would I'm a Wheel.

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Um...I think I'm ready.


Great! So, I guess we're ready to start thinking about dates and times.


IMPORTANT! Everyone should PM me, email me (ginandcigarettes@yahoo.com), or post their email addresses so I can use Meeting Wizard to schedule a date for the Jam. Why? Because I live in a cubicle working on TPS reports, and because, despite being desperately un-rock-and-roll, Meeting Wizard is remarkably effective in juggling people's schedules. Plus, you don't have to sign up for anything; I just need a place where I can send your invitation.


Essentially, Meeting Wizard will send you a webpage with a bunch of proposed dates and times and you just have to click which ones you're available for. Then, when everyone has responded, we can see that some times don't work for hardly anyone and a few work for most people, and we can pick the final date from those. That way we can avoid having to email back and forth for seven weeks to get a date that works.


Also, I have three places in mind for a location, all of which I've been to and all of which are less opium-den-like than other rehearsal studios I've visited:


West LA Rehearsal Studios -- right off the 405 in West LA

Bombshelter Rehearsal Studios -- near the 22 in the OC (warning: website has annoying music)

Nightingale Studios -- in Burbank (warning, website makes no sense)


I'm open to other places, so if you have a preference, please post!


I think that's it for now.

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I'm cool with any one of those. There also Amp Rehearsal in North Hollywood. The one in West LA is cool with me. What about parking at these locations?


I like AMP. I think I didn't mention it because the parking isn't that great; the lot fills up pretty quick (or have I just missed the real lot?). Of course, the lot at West LA isn't too great, either. I could definitely go for AMP if that works (it's definitely among the least opium-den-like). Actually, it might be a really good choice.


The Bombshelter has pretty good parking as I remember -- even when it's packed, the complex is so big that there's parking somewhere.


Where is everybody coming from? I live in Mid City, LA (just south of LACMA and the Grove). Usually on the weekends, it's not hard to get across town for me.

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