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Help Write Questions for Dan Murphy (Golden Smog)

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Hey everyone, here's another opportunity for you to contribute to Owl&Bear. We'll be doing an interview with Golden Smog's Dan Murphy next week in anticipation of their Best Of album.


I'm not sure how long the interview will be, but we'll do our best to include any questions that the VC community might have!


Post questions below!



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How does it feel to be in a band with a guy who nailed Winona Rider? (referring to his bandmate Dave Pirner...)


You could actually make this a stock question. (With the variation "How does it feel to nail Winona Rider?)

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"how does/would/wouldn't"



In a New York minute is properly prepared and protected.

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Do you ever feel like you're in a Jayhawks tribute band? If every single ex-Jayhawk eventually joins Golden Smog, will you have to start a rival version of Smog that includes every member of Soul Asylum?


Which of your guitars is your favorite?


Whose unreleased documentary would have been more epic, Golden Smog's or Wilco's?


When you write songs is it music first or lyrics first, generally? I knew it was music first, you are my soulmate... How many songs about stalker fans is too many?

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