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Wilco and Fleet Foxes cover Dylan

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While I'd take Manuel singing, the JGB version on the '91 live double CD is pretty phenomenal. I'll pass on the Cocker version though.


I know - I am not even that fond of cover songs - but I like the way Joe sings other peoples songs in general.

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>JT is probably the only guy I can think of who tastefully does falsetto


Thom Yorke

Jim James

Justin Vernon

Neil Young




if I'm not mistaken, those guys all have the high enough range to sing good falsetto, like Brian Wilson, where JT's range is low enough for him to have to sing actual falsetto (where male singers with a lower range can sing falsetto, it works differently and isn't as clean sounding). that's what I mean...it's the difference between Beck's "Debra" and the high parts in Good Vibrations or any earlier Beach Boys song.


I could be wrong, but this is what my girlfriend whose part of a choir told me, and having a generally similar range to JT I get what she's saying.

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