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Jeff Tweedy - Palma de Mallorca - 2008-09-03

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Setlist:( I have a pencil)

Sunken treasure


New song

Muzzle of bees

How to fight the loneliness (My first tears)

The ruling class

(Was I in your dreams)

Black eye (yes !)

California stars (and impossible singalong)

Radio King (requested for somebody)

Theologians (very funny ,trying to teach us the clapping and ending with a "No clapping" suggesting for somebody)


Encore 1:(Jeff comes saying "No clapping", very funny)

Remember the mountain bed (yes,I

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part of new song from spain...



that's the same song ("you and i"?) that tweedy/sansone/kotche played at the obama rally at park west in chicago in july. lovely song...


thanks for sharing...made my night! :cheekkiss

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i love it already,..i hope its on the new album.



+1 I would guess it will be, seems to match Nels' recent comment that Jeff has been writing some 'very beautiful' new songs for the next Wilco album.


Also, I want to move to Spain. But don't we all..

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