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What albums have you heard live in its entirety!

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I am always excited when I can say I heave heard every song of an artist album live. I know some of you heard a bunch of Wilco albums live in its entirety but was wondering which albums by other artist have you heard in its entirety either in one show or over multiple shows. Ie it took me 18 shows to finally hear all of Born To Run Live...Meeting Across the River is a rareity that I was fortunate enough to finally hear live!


So here goes my list


My first one I heard live


1. Dido-No Angel...I went because Travis was opening. I liked a song or two of hers and stuck around and ended up hearing every song on the album at the concert

2. Guster- Lost and Gone Forever Took me 18 or so shows and finally heard Rainy Day!

3. Beck- Sea Change..heard the full album at one show...have the setlist to prove it!

4. They Might Be Giants- Flood album themed night...all in sequence!

5. They Might Be Giants Apollo 18 All 38 tracks at once! Yay!

6. Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run! Had to happen eventually..I have seen him 15 times :)

7. Aimee Mann- The Forgotten Arm..saw her a few times on this tour. Heard Beautiful which is rarley played live!

8. Barnekaed Ladies- Maroon

9. Ben Folds- Rockin the Suburbs

10. Ben Kweller- On My Way...all in sequence in Brooklyn!

11. Duran Duran- Red Carpet Massacre on Broadway...fun night!

12. Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand

13. The Good The Bad and The Queen- TGTBTQ

14. Gorillaz- Demon Days at the Apollo! Awesome 80 special guest made an apperence!

15. Son Volt- Okema and The Melody of Riot

16. Ours- Distorted Lullabye..They are from my neck of the woods...play here all the time!

17. Tori Amos- Little Earthquakes

18. The Walkmen - Bows + Arrows



There may be more but can't remember!


Here is some close calls on some great albums.


1. Radiohead- Ok Computer Come on Electoneering..one day!

2. Radiohead- Kid A...Treefingers...grrr

3. Radiohead- In Rainbows...I attend maybe one of three shows they didn't do Faust Arp!

4. Beck- Odelay Readymade...ever played?

5. Ben Folds Five- Whatever....Cigarette!?

6. Ben Folds Five- Reinhold...Most Valuable Possesion...which would be hard to play live?

7. Bruce Springsteen- Darkness...Something in The Night!

8. Ben Kweller- Sha Sha..missing Made it Up

9. Nada Surf- Lucky...went to an instore where they played rareities Film Did Not Go Round, Here Goes Something which they didn't do on tour..just missing From Now On!

10. Supergrass- Road to Rouen..no Coffee in the Pot!

11. Weezer- Blue Album...no World Has Turned

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Yeah, I thought you were referring to bands performing an album live, start to finish. I've only witnessed that once, and was lucky enough for it to be the White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan, on 8/31/05 at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. :wub


No it doesn't have to be in order or an album themed night. But if it was let me know :) That show would have been awesome to see!


Beethoven's 9th?

The Nutcracker?


Point taken...extra points if it was performed by the original artist! :stunned

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I'm pretty sure The Strokes played Is This It straight through when I saw them at the 7th St. Entry in Oct 01.


I heard the European Version of Is This It live with NYC Cops...but the US version is different and features asong they rarley played live..


Radiohead 8/13/08-In Rainbows


I didn't verify this, I read it in a review.


You did..



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Roger Waters performing Dark Side Of the Moon

He had a crack band and it was a pretty amazing show.

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Hell yes! Wow.


Aside from the ATP/Don't Look Back Pitchfork shows of the last few years, I'm pretty sure I've completed a few of the Pearl Jam and My Morning Jacket records. I'd have to check my bootlegs to be certain.

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I don't think I would know if I have heard every song off every album. I can only recall the whole album in its entirety thing:


Bonnie "Prince" Billy: I See A Darkness

Ted Leo: Shake the Sheets

Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation

GZA: Liquid Swords

Slint: Spiderland

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I didn't see them but Phish has done these complete live in concert:


Phish - Hoist

The Beatles - The Beatles

The Who - Quadrophenia

The Talking Heads - Remain In Light

The Velvet Underground - Loaded

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

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