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Vic Chesnutt in Spain

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I think Vic is great. I second the "West of Rome" nod, and will add "Drunk," "About to Choke," "Is the Actor Happy?"... honestly, it's easier to list the ones to avoid as that's a smaller pile :).

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I listen to Is the Actor Happy more these days.


One reason I got into Vic was the song "Bug" from West of Rome because it's about my very small hometown in SC, Walhalla. In the song he incorrectly identifies the "hotel full of Pakistanis" when they are actual Indian. One of the "greasy, greasy grannies" is actually my aunt, who worked at the run-down motel in Walhalla. The detail in the song is so great...

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I love a line from Panic Pure" off West of Rome:


My earliest memory

Is of holding up a sparkler

High up to the darkest sky

Some 4th of July spectacular


I shook it with an urgency

I'll never ever be able to repeat




As for the "sad" quality of music, I can only imagine how tough it must be to rebound after an accident many years ago to leave him in a wheelchair. I'm not sure one ever comes to grips with something like that. He surely has many ups and downs still, and all that is reflected in his music.

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