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Fave Rock N Roll Scream

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The good old Book of Rock lists has it like this:


1. The Beautiful Ones--Prince

2. Beck's Bolero--Jeff Beck Group

3. Civil War--Guns and Roses

4. The End--The Doors

5. Fire--Arthur Brown

6. Gimme Danger--Iggy

7. Helter Skelter-The Beatles (John)

8. Hey Jude--Wilson Pickett

9. I Feel Good--James Brown

10. Jump-Van Halen

11. Let it Loose--The Rolling Stones

12. Mildred Pierce--Sonic Youth

13. Scentless Apprentice--Nirvana

14. The Strain--Bonzo Do Doo Dah Band

15. Twist and Shout--The Beatles (Paul)

16. Why--Lonnie Mack

17. Won't Get Fooled Again--The Who


Don't know if I agree with all of it and its a little old, but there are some doozies in there.

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Cat Woman pics?, Loretta Lynn?, "Game for anything"?


What's not to love?




Also Gerry Roslie from The Sonics is great, Greg Cartwright too and I can't believe no one has mentioned JB!
I hear Screamin' Jay got that name with good reason too! :P
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there's this little known black performer called Little Richard, don't know if anyone here has ever heard of him?





Also, Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) did a great scream on their cover of "Good Golly miss molly".


And, did anyone yet mention

Trent Reznor


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The worst?


Counting Crows - "Rain King"


I am... The Rain King



Ugh. It's the moment that single-handedly turned me off to anything else they produced since then.

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i don't know if this counts for scream, but what started between me and my guy friend has spread to a bunch of my friends, when listening to kashmir, we all try to sing along when plant says been for about a million counts. approximately. its right as he says tryin to find where i've beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. practicing that is a great way to improve your lung capacity :thumbup

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