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i seriously give up... sorry guys, until IPB gets their shit together, it's either I disable PM altogether or we deal w/ the occasional spam msg.


edit: I banned the entire subnet all of those spammers were coming from... might limit some legit German users form registering, but for now we can deal :)

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I can't believe they can't properly limit the amount of pm's someone can send. The patch is definitely installed properly? I mean, I took a look at the readme for it and it doesn't look terribly difficult, but I've screwed easier stuff up myself. It's just odd that they released a patch that doesn't work. Does Microsoft own them?

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they do allow the amount of PM's... but these new bots are sophisticated enough to throttle the mass PM's just enough to get through the flood filter


but yes, patch is def installed.


Wow. I don't know how difficult it'd be for you to try to use user classes to limit it like some people on the ipb boards were suggesting but that sucks. Hopefully you won't have to wait for 3.0, I wonder why it seems to be only invision boards though. The only solution I could think of based on what I was reading is either the user classes, or if they implemented captcha's for pm's or for at least the first dozen or so from an account.

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