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Big Smith/Blue Mountain at Schuba's 10/9/08

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Two great bands, two rockin' sets, and a whole room full of foot-stompin', boot-scootin' music lovers. This was truly a great night of music.


Big Smith, who rarely play Chicago, had everyone up on their feet, stamping along to the beat of perfectly played southern-fried rock. The members of the band (I was informed they are all cousins and brothers, except for fiddle expert Molly) each took turns belting out tunes, riffing on solos, and sharing the stage in sweet harmony. Molly, the lone lady of the group, made tremendous noise with her whip-quick fiddle and bow. She even sang one of her own compositions, a "new" track for the band, who played it as if it was the first song they ever knew. The instruments ranged from mandolin to upright bass, steel bass and washboard. The songs blended heartache (Go Away Maggie) with humor (Don't Call Me Trash). And everyone in the room was hootin' and hollerin' to "12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan." These boys (and girl) really know how to raise the barn!


Blue Mountain took the stage with intense force and genuine smiles on their faces. Backed by a new drummer (his second show with no rehearsal) Cary and Laurie tore through plenty of new material from their latest release Midnight In Mississippi. Soaring guitar melodies on "She's a Wild One" and vicious harmonica solos on the title track. They also treated us to great classic tracks like "Rye Whiskey," "Soul Sister," an "Poppa."


By the end of the show, the crowd had thinned out... I think they were all just worn out from getting the shit rocked out of them!


Or perhaps they were following John, Pat, Nels and Mikael... all of whom showed up to support the band.


Thanks to Big Smith, Blue Mountain, and Schuba's for a truly remarkable evening of music!

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what happened to the original drummer? i saw them in august and he was playing with them.

They didn't say.....


2/3 of Wilco seemed to be at this show also. Good show. Big Smith was quite good. I had never seen (or heard of)

them before, but enjoyed them alot. I also enjoyed Blue Mountain quite a bit, but was shocked at how few folks stayed to the end. Work night I guess.



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