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Electoral Vote Predictions

Electoral Vote Predictions  

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  1. 1. What will tomorrow's outcome be?

    • Obama wins with 286 or less
    • Obama wins with 286-300 EV
    • Obama wins with 300-338 EV
    • Obama wins with 338-364 EV
    • Obama landslide (> 375)
    • McCain wins with 274
    • McCain wins, Louie B goes postal
    • JUDE/Jules win in a write-in landslide
    • Other.

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I know, but I am saying they are not really undecideds, they just don't want to admit that they can't vote for an African American.


i can understand your skepticism... but we shall see :)


i think there's a lot of other factors at work in Obama's favor that have not been covered in the polls either, so who knows...

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We should know pretty early - I think whoever wins Virginia wins the election.


I have it 338-200 Obama (Kerry's states plus FL, OH, IA, VA, CO, NM, NV).


Popular vote difference right around 4%.


McCain needs a miracle at this point. I just don't see how it's possible.

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McCain needs a miracle at this point. I just don't see how it's possible.



It is not likely, but it is possible, polling is messed up....

like i said before I have Kerry + IA, NM, and CO...McCain will take most of the swing states...

I really think Pennsylvania is the key state...I am thinking its way closer than we think.


And I can't trust anything about FL....already 1600 voter complaint calls into CNN from there



I can't believe all the fucking problems...getting votes counted should be the last thing we should worry about in this country...its fucking preposterous.

Really irresponsible.



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O: 318

M: 220



Closer than what I'm hoping for, but this feels realistic to me. I'm giving Obama Virginia and Florida, but McCain Ohio, Missou, and NC. (though any of those could easily go the other way)


Really, given that McCain seems to be pinning everything on winning PA (which still seems insane to me), if that one doesn't flip for him, I think he's toast because Obama will almost certainly be able to pick up some combination of states to get past 270. Then I think it just becomes a question of how far beyond?

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good luck everyone.


i remember when everyone was optimistic about Tony Blair and New Labour way back in 1997. they had a landslide victory over The Tories, because people were fed up with the sleaze that surrounded The Tory Party (upper class twats!) - they wanted a change in politics and Tony was the man to do it. labour were going to redress the balance of power amongst the working masses. the class system was to be smashed by the fist of commerce. we would never have it so good. the end of boom and bust! rock stars came to no. 10 to be wined and dined; everything was cool again - cool britannia. but then the wheels came off. we had 'cash for honours' investigations, mrsi bugs in the nhs from filthy wards (labour sold off the cleaning franchise to private companies - money saving, see!), dodgy dossiers fabricated to send us into war, failing schools closed and super-academies built in their place - with 60 kids per class or something silly, hoodies roaming the streets out for oap-blood, fat-cats getting rich whilst the under-class swelled in size, over-reliance on credit, people shot dead in tube stations from terrified policemen. Tony got out in time though. he's off sunning himself in the middle east. now the highest paid politician in the country - making

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So what's holding up NC and MO? Are all the votes counted and it's just too close to call and they need to recount or are there still absentee ballots left to be counted? Or some other reason? My brother and I have a bet (closest to the number; no Price Is Right rules). He has 375 and I have 350.

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