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"Jeff Tweedy" reviews U2's Achtung Baby

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I love this thread!


I could write a 1000 word review on this thread. It's so horrifically bad on so many levels, I can't put it down. This thread isn't so bad its good, its so bad its fucking fantastic. I really dig this thread!


To have a truly horrendous thread, you need a lead-off post that sets the tone. It has to be either uncomfortably oppositional, unwittingly ridiculous, or spread false information. Here, we have the last two satisfied. Then we get three consecutive posts that are the virtual equivalent of 'crickets', followed by the inevitable "bullshit" call. Is this thread great or what!?


Then we get the mandatory, "polarizing U2 argument," which, as a bonus, includes a humorous online insult battle! (my favorite battle other than a dance-off).


All of this is interwoven with an equal portion of semi-pointless posts and genuinely hilarious posts. If loving this thread is wrong, I don't wanna be right!


I hope everyone will keep this thread alive by contributing authentically offensive/moronic/humorous posts in the future (I'm confident I've been the first two here) so I can continue to have something to look forward to reading online everyday.


Yes, we can.


I love this thread!

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