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Maybe it was just me but Jeff seemed a little preoccupied or distant tonight. Maybe it was just the fact that it wasn't a Wilco audience and they were the opening act. Still, they got a pretty warm reception from where I was standing and sounded great. I haven't checked but I think this was a longer set than Halifax or Montreal. Handshake Drugs killed. Pat is starting to look a little bit like Grizzly Adams. No dance for Hummingbird.


And Neil was absolutely remarkable. When he straps on an electric guitar, it's hypnotic. Amazing how vital he is and how fresh the songs are. Just a great great show. Amazing triple bill (counting Everest, who I was not at all familiar with but did a good set as well).

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I'm coming out of lurker mode just to say that I've never seen or heard Jeff so upbeat as he was last night. Several people around me on the floor commented that they too had never heard him so sounding happy. It's the third time I've seen Wilco play Ottawa, and Jeff was both jovial and gracious... hardly distant (in my opinion).


Amazing show. Neil was incredible and Wilco got a better response than I expected. People were especially vocal in singing along with Hummingbird.

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Yes, welcome to the board.


He certainly seemed to be happy. He said he was happy. In fact, I think he said 3 times that he was happy. I just found it odd that was pretty much the only thing he said. Maybe distant isn't the right word but there didn't seem to be much between-song banter, which I guess is a different thing.

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there didn't seem to be much between-song banter, which I guess is a different thing.

If I was going to any of these shows knowing that Wilco was only going to get a 45-50 min set opening for Neil F'n Young, my hope would be no between-song banter and Maximum Rock-n-Roll.

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Thanks for the welcome... I'm not much for posting on the internets, but this site is a wonderful resource (stating the obvious, I know). Been lurking here long before I joined. In fact, I only signed up back when server issues were preventing anonymous lurking.


As for the show, I thought Jeff bantered about as much as Neil did. Compared to how much he spoke and his tone of voice pre-rehab, it's nice to see him seemingly happy and making jokes about his voice cracking.

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I got this nice blog with a shout out to Wilco from the Everest web page.



We're 3 shows into the tour and it's been even more amazing than we'd imagined. So far the crowds have been even larger and more intense. There's a lot of smiling going on, and I think that everyone involved wishes this tour could go on longer. The Wilco guys are blowing our minds every night with their playing, and it's definitely inspiring me to step it up. And, to boot, they are great to hang out with and are complete gentlemen. The other night Jeff Tweedy said that it was an honor to be sharing the stage with Neil and us, and my heart pert' near exploded. There have been some pretty surreal utopian moments out here. At one point last night, all three bands were working on new songs at the same time. Neil was on stage sound checking new jams with his band, while both Wilco and ourselves had our gear in our huge hockey dressing rooms working away on new ideas. There was a bizarre mashup of Neil, Everest, and Wilco all at once!

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Oooook my reaction, I thought Everest were pretty damn awful, that's me though, the singer wanted to be Ryan Adams sooo bad and the rest of the band wanted to be something of a Wilco Death Cab mix, pretty damn blase IMO.


Wilco was in super good form as always, Jeff seemed to be having tons of fun, more fun than the last few times I've seen him and he seemed to be moving around a bunch. Keyboards were way higher in the mix than they usually are and Glenn and John were super low in the mix which is a shame. Every song killed obviously, with Handshake and Via Chicago being the highlights for me as they usually are. I felt they got a quite warm reception and a lot of people knew who they were.


And as for Neil, it was Neil, nowhere as awesome as it was last year at Massey Hall, but really how could you beat that? 2500 people in a tiny theatre, but he was just fantastic in every way. I certainly left with the biggest grin on my face lol.

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The bass player in Everest was damm entertaining, those facial expressions! :lol A solid band, but those vocals... meh.


Wilco sounded better than ever. A lot of interaction between Jeff and Pat on the guitars that I had never seen before. And we got a gorgeous rendition of Via Chicago. I just love this band.


I'm always skeptical about Beatles covers, but Neil's "A Day in the Life" wow.

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I thought it was pretty good over all. There was a small dance for Hummingbird. The sound wasn't as good as it should have been.

Was anyone standing at the right side of the stage where someone peed their pants and passed out? It was right near me.


And the bass player for Everest was extremely entertaining. He wasn't even moving his head with the beat. It was kind of impressive.

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I thought Tweedy was having a great time. He was completely animated if not exhilarated but the Man Of The Match was easily Nels Cline. I dont know how he does it but he has such a unique style which can captivate a room. Everyone around me, those who obviously didnt know Wilco, kept remarking "Who is that guitar player?"


The run of the night was easily Impossible Germany - Via Chicago - California Stars.


Nels tore thatshit apart.


Great set but that section was the meat. Please dont think I am leaving anyone out, because it was a fantastic set from start to finish.


How do I host pics? The shot is from last night.


I got this URL:



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