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Favorite post 1980 Neil Young Record

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Just wondering, what records people enjoy from this period or the late period Neil. At times I find it depressingly awful, to the point I have to go back and listen to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere just to feel better. I'm not going to hold the 1980's against him, because I dislike 90% of music made in the 80's. But albums like Greendale or Are You Passionate? kind befuddle me. Anyway my top three from this period are


1. Sleeps With Angels

2. Silver and Gold

3. Harvest Moon

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1. Harvest Moon

2. Silver & Gold

3. Sleeps With Angels

4. Prairie Wind

5. Living With War


i actually LOVE Greendale... cheesy storyline and all, there's 2 totally amazing songs on there (i'd put Bandit up there w/ his best stuff for me...), but i can understand those who didn't get into it.


the only post '00 record of his i can't stand is Are You Passionate. there's 3, maybe 4 worthwhile songs on there.

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Say what you will, but I love Mirror Ball.



I so wanted to love Mirrorball. At the time I was a huge PJ fan and loved the first single, but that record kind of drones on for me. Same with Greendale and alot of his more rocking stuff in the past 10-15 years seems kind of lazy. The first few times with Crazy Horse was raw and fresh, now it just seems tired.

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The three peat records of




Ragged Glory




works for me.


Though I have not listened to all his post 80 output.


I still do listened to Sleep With Angels from time to time, but not as much as the other three mentioned.

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Say what you will, but I love Mirror Ball.


jesus how could i forget that???


put that at #2


Say what you will, but I love Living With War.


i do too.


sure some of it is already dated, but the immediacy of the whole product was inspiring.


that and After The Garden & Roger and Out are two of my fave post 70's Neil songs

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Harvest Moon is one of my favorite of all Neil albums. The title track and "From Hank to Hendrix" rank up there with anything he's ever written.


I feel the same way. Some other gems on there: One Of These Days, Old King, Dreamin Man, Unknown Legend...

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Harvest Moon is that last new NY album I ever bought, and maybe, one of the last new releases I ever bought on cassette.


Harvest Moon is not my most recent cassette purchase (I still buy cassettes sometimes), but it is likely the most recently released album that I have on cassette.

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