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So all of my formatting options (text formatting, insert objects, emoticons, etc.) are gone. The Attachment Editor and everything below the reply pane are still intact. "Toggle Side Panel" just puts more gray space over on the left side of the screen. Clicking "Quote" in a thread just jumps me to the top of the page, but "Reply" still works.


This only happens at work, on Firefox. It does not happen at home (on Firefox) or on IE, anywhere. I post at another Invision board, and it works fine everywhere, with any browser.


Any idea what the dang hell is going on?

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Posted from IE, since Firefox is broken!

caliber, do you have Adblock Plus enabled on your work computer?


If so, try momentarily disabling it (Tools / Adblock Plus Preferences, then Options / Enable Adblock Plus).


Then refresh Firefox. If all that stuff returns, there's your problem.


As for what to do about it ... I don't know.


If you don't have Adblock Plus, it could still be some other kind of blocker at work, I suppose.


edit: If it is Adblock Plus that's causing the problem, you can roll back to an earlier "patterns" file. The patterns file will likely be stored in a location under Documents and Settings, such as:


C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\randomcharacters.default\adblockplus


If you remember when the issue started, rename the current patterns.ini file, find an old backup from before, and rename it to patterns.ini

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crypt, thanks for offering some real advice.


i don't have any tech bg but it does sound like it's something specific to either your office's blocking operations, or your computer. do you have the opportunity to see if it will come up on someone else's computer at the office?

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