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Andrew Bird -- 1/26/09

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I figure there's enough Bird interest here that it's worth posting the setlist from tonight's show (which maybe was the formal kickoff for the Noble Beast tour?):


Hot Math [Andrew solo]

Fitz and the Dizzyspells




Not a Robot, But a Ghost



Natural Disaster

Oh No

Fake Palindromes



Tables and Chairs


Glass Figurine [Andrew solo]

The Privateers


As is obvious from the setlist, Andrew played a ton of new stuff including almost all of Noble Beast. He was joined by his regular touring band of Martin Dosh on drums, Jeremy Ylvisaker on guitar and Mike Lewis on bass, clarinet and saxophone. (I can't remember which song it was just now, but Andrew said it was "a big moment because I said I'd never have saxophone in my band.") It's always nice to see Andrew in a more intimate setting, but certainly I think the band was using this as a warmup gig for Wednesday's big show at Carnegie Hall.


I think some people might have been expecting him to play more of a mix of older favorites and new material and that might have taken the energy of the crowd down a little bit. Plus, it was a Monday night. Andrew even asked at one point, "Are we playing too many new songs?" But despite many shouted-out requests, the band pretty much stuck to its setlist. For me it was interesting to hear the new stuff with a full band behind it. I had heard a couple of the songs on Noble Beast at a fairly recent solo performance, but it was interesting to hear the full band play them. Since I hadn't had a chance to listen to the record before the show, I'll be curious to hear how it sounds compared with the live versions.


Anyway, that's about all my brain can muster at this hour, so I'll leave it at that... :yawn

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I can't wait to see A. Bird in Boston tomorrow...but i dunno if this setlist makes me more excited or a little less. Noble Beast is one hell of an album, but probably not so good that i want to hear more or less the whole thing at the expense of other great songs(no nervous tic motion of the head to the left?). Still, now it seems certain that he'll play all my new favorite tunes that i haven't listened to a million times.





blahhhhhhhhhhhhhrg excitement

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