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WILCO April 14, 15 @ Pabst in MKE

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Tue Apr 14 '09 (7:30PM) Milwaukee, WI

Pabst Theater


Wed Apr 15 '09 (7:30PM) Milwaukee, WI

Pabst Theater


Thu Apr 16 '09 Bloomington, IN

Indiana University - University Auditorium TBA


Fri Apr 17 '09 Athens, OH

Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium @ Ohio University


Sat Apr 18 '09 (8:00PM) Knoxville, TN

Historic Tennessee Theatre


Mon Apr 20 '09 Athens, GA

The Classic Center Grand Hall


Tue Apr 21 '09 (8:00PM) Asheville, NC

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium TBA


Wed Apr 22 '09 (8:00PM) Birmingham, AL

Sloss Furnaces


Thu Apr 23 '09 Oxford, MS

The Lyric

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Looks like there's still room for a few more shows back to Chicago from Oxford, perhaps Louisville will be in the mix.


EDIT - I just saw that New Orleans is the 25th, so maybe some more deep south shows, followed by shows back north after NoLa.

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I have yet to check my syllabi to see if I have exams for the Milwaukee shows....I really, really, REALLY don't want to look because I'm so excited right now!!!


UPDATE: I have to present a research paper on Wednesday...no biggie. Looks like two days of Wilco glory before finals!!! And here's the ocular proof of these shows.

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grrr... the knoxville show is the same day as an avett bros show that's in chattanooga... my sister really wants to go to the avett bros... life is full of tough choices. what are the chances wilco will be in the south again this summer i wonder?

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So will the album be released before these dates? Athens OH is quite a haul for me, I'll do it, though. Anything closer to Cleveland? Pittsburg? Detroit? Columbus, even.


re: new album... i'd say no way in hell honestly. i'd guess more like June/July/August, but who knows, could be May

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