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New album news!

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I hate it. Then again, Summerteeth is probably my least favorite Wilco recording.

I dig One Wing though.


I dig One Wing too..


I don't think it's possible for me to say that I hate any Wilco song really.. There are some that I like more than others, but I just like the way Jeff writes songs.. Even the weaker songs are still great IMO.

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Is there a leak? I haven't heard the version that is going to be on the album yet. The Colbert and Feinberg versions were fun. I'm interested to see how this comes out.

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This isn't quite Jim O'Rourke is producing and mixing the album or Jay Bennett has been re-instated to co-write some of the songs exciting to me, but it's up there. Jeff and Carla Bozulich's duet on Forget the Flowers from the 9-20-2003 show is excellent.



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Because these articles move around, I'll paste the text here:



... from the "Smoking Section" of Rolling Stone



EXCLUSIVE: Wilco And Feist Team Up For "You and I"!!!!

March 4, 2009 3:52 PM


Photo: Kravitx/FilmMagic


Wilco teaming up with Feist?


Yes, please.


So, as we told ya already, we were in the Wilco's clubhouse in Chicago, The Loft, last Tuesday, and we heard six killer new Wilco tracks. Check out the story in the new issue, with U2 on the cover. (Our buddy Brian Hiatt wrote a great U2 piece, so check that out, for sure.)


It was the first time that Jeff Tweedy had spoken at length about the album and, as you might imagine, it was difficult for him to elaborate.


"I'm sitting here trying to figure out what the record is about," he told us, sitting around their kitchen table. "This is the first time I've had to talk about it so it's a pretty uncomfortable situation. I'm more uncomfortable than I thought I would be. I really love the record and I'm really proud of it but I'm not at the point where i know how to talk about it. I'm still in the part of my mind that is, if I could tell you about it then I wouldn't have even made it. I just want you to hear it."


That said, Tweedy was as open as he could have been about the writing and recording process. But at the end of our interview we asked him if there were any important topics that we didn't cover.


"I'm sure there are going to be glaring omissions from this conversation," he says. "Like, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Ravi Shankar came by and laid down some stuff."


It was probably premature for Tweedy to speak about it, but we got wind that two days after we left The Loft, Feist came in and sang on a Wilco track! The results, we hear, are stupendous!


That'd be cool, huh?


Last time we spoke to Feist she told us she was taking a healthy break from the music industry. But, who could turn down an offer to play with Wilco. You'd have to be a total jackass.


UPDATE: We spoke with our contact inside The Loft, who told us that Feist came in last Thursday to sing on a new song called "You and I." (The song was written by Wilco.) Feist and the dudes in Wilco met at the Grammys last year, and she hit it off with everyone. She's a Wilco fan, and the guys love her music, so they've kept in touch over the past year.


Mr. Tweedy is a huge fan of duets, and wanted to work a duet into the new album. Feist was their first call.


Everyone who's heard the song has been "blown away."



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Holy shit balls!!! This is a remarkable discovery.


I have to admit, when I read the first post that mentioned it I thought someone was taking the piss. Wow. I've never heard Jeff Tweedy sing a duet with a girl.


Didn't he sing with Jay Bennett? :D

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Didn't he sing with Jay Bennett? :D


Below the belt bro.. haha ;)


He did one song with a female that can be found on the Singles compilation, but I don't remember the name of the song or who the female singer was.

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Cool! Sounds like there will finally be a duet on a Wilco record.


Forget the Flowers was written as a duet but only performed live as one. Always thought At Least That's What You Said had a duet quality about it.

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