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Phish Is Destroying Hampton, VA

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Never in a million years would I have called Fluffhead. I hope they KILLED that sucker.

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Full setlist and notes up on phish.com:


*Set One

* Fluffhead

* Divided Sky

* Chalk Dust Torture

* Sample In A Jar

* Stash

* I Didn't Know

* Oh Kee Pah Ceremony >

* Suzy Greenberg

* Farmhouse


* Horn

* Rift

* Train Song

* Water In The Sky

* Squirming Coil

* David Bowie


* Set Two

* Backwards Down The Number Line

* Tweezer

* Taste

* Possum

* Theme From The Bottom

* First Tube

* Harry Hood

* Waste

* You Enjoy Myself*


* Encore

* Grind**

* Bouncing Around The Room

* Loving Cup


Free Mp3s (pre-order) and FLAC copies (not free) available as well


As my friend said, that is a fucking A hot shit setlist

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So I had said Curtain-> All Thing reconsidered-> Fluffhead opener ... or just Fluffhead if they didn't go with the cutesy. I had YEM as the second set closer and Loving Cup as the last song. Not bad. I was getting texts form inside the show from a friend that I have seen more than 100 Phish shows with and he said, "it's like 1994 in here" ... sweet!

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waited till midnight for 'no spoilers' but couldn't stay up. up with kid at 4am, so downloaded the show. finally got finished with the first set this afternoon. THE BOYS DELIVERED. they just nailed fluffhead. opening with that showed that they are back in gear and have much confidence. the rest of the set was played so well. glad they're not taking risks, just playing the songs we love to perfection. i think they were enjoying it too...playing well and not being a mockery of themselves.

i will say, there were moments of nostalgia, which is not a bad thing. however, i'm excited about the new album and impending tour. they can only get tighter at this point. yes, it is like the early 90s again!

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Indications are that night 2 was pretty sick .... kind of an odd-looking first set on paper, but check out the second set; JESUS CHRIST!!!!


March 7th, 2009

Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA


I: Get Back on the Train, Runaway Jim, Brian and Robert, Split Open and Melt, Heavy Things, Punch You in the Eye, Gumbo, Reba, Mexican Cousin, It's Ice, Halley's Comet, Beauty of a Broken Heart, Guelah Papyrus, Lawn Boy, Run Like An Antelope


II: Rock and Roll>Jam>Limb By Limb, Ghost> Piper, Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Prince Caspian, Mike's Song>I Am Hydrogen>Weekapug Groove, Character Zero



E: A Day in the Life

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Just got a call from one of my best friends, and a guy who has seen the band 125 times - from Hampton. He got a call from a college chum who had exras on Wednesday night. I'm so glad he's there because he drove all the way from IN to Coventry, only to get turned around before he reached the site.


Anyway, he was describing all of the wacky and creative ideas the 'miracle seekers' on the lot have been using to try to score tickets. The best one I heard? A guy walking around with a big sign with two bags (filled with dirt) taped to the bottom of the sign, and above - "Coventry mud for your extra". :lol

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March 8th, 2009

Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA




I: Sanity; Wilson; Foam; Bathtub Gin; Undermind; AC/DC Bag; My Friend, My Friend; Scent of a Mule; All of These Dreams; Maze; She Still Thinks I Care (George Jones cover); Tube; Cars, Trucks, Buses; Free; Frankenstein



II: Down With Disease>Jam>Seven Below: The Horse>Silent In The Morning; Twist>2001; Moma Dance: While My Guitar Gently Weeps>Wading in the Velvet Sea; Slave to the Traffic Light




E: Trey Speech: Happy Birthday to Leonard; Contact; Bug; Tweezer Reprise

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Guest Gym Teacher Man

I think it's pretty cool that they didn't play a single song twice over this weekend.


I've only listened through Hood on the first nights show so far, but they definitely killed. I can't wait to download the other two shows.


First nights Stash and Tweezer killed. Those are two Phish tunes I've never been wild about...

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I can not believe they hit the ball out of the park as well as they did. I mean, Trey even remembered all those lyrics!


And they really nailed the composed sections each night. These aren't 3-chord ditties we're talking about either. Wow!

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Last night the g/f's ex burned us the first Hampton night. Sound's fantastic and yeah, the Loving Cup is excellent, too. Here's a hand-held camera phone of "First Tube" that doesn't do justice but might be worth a peek to some of you:

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I had convinced myself somewhere along the way (after some bad experiences) that the drugs and the scene were going to destroy each other, and somewhere along the way, out of respect for the band and the music (and my love of both, and I guess, myself) I decided that every phish show that I ever went to, I would be stone cold sober. I think, at a minimum, it's been the last 15 or so shows.


I think even trey said that he was bummed that shows became an excuse for people to party. That news story really bums me out. They were away for 4 years, and you couldn't just go to enjoy the music? For a weekend? Man, I know I sound like a crotchety old judgmental asshat right now.

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On a similar note, Rolling Stone has profiles of Phish fans they met in the parking lot on their website. http://www.rollingstone.com/photos/gallery...up_clos/photo/2


This is guy might be one of 194:


Name: Nate from "everywhere"

Age: 22

Occupation: "I sell herbs and hash"

Number of Phish Shows Seen: 10

Craziest Thing You've Done for Tickets: "I traded a lot of hash for tickets"

Describes the Hampton Crowd As ... "I don't know, dude I'm freaking out. There is fucking ... They are trying to set people up here, it's fucked up. But it's chill here ... I don't know."

Substances You'll Admit to Ingesting Today: Hash



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