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Top 3 most underwhelming bands/artists you've ever seen

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>Beck - one of the best concerts I'd ever seen, then a few years later, shitty. He just seemed really bored, didn't engage, called it in. Sucks because I liked him a lot.


I've heard that a few times from fans who saw the last tour. It's a shame because the show I saw in support of Mutations was one of the dozen or so in my ever-expanding all-time top 5.

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Ryan Adams.


saw him in Asheville a few years ago, and was bored out of my mind. He kept his back to the audience for the first half of the show, or hid beneath his skater bangs and bossed the band around.

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is underwhelming and surprisingly BAD the same thing?

Not technically, but when it comes to this topic (less-than-perfect shows), it's just the degree of sucky-ness. Or suck-ocity.



Which brings me to another show I can add to this list (did I alread? maybe)


The other night I saw Ryan Adams in Louisville, and he was underwhelming compared to his other shows I've seen. By no means BAD, but he can do so much better. It was sorta boring.

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