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Specific parts of songs that kill you

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The first first 5 notes of Zep's "Since I've Been Lovin' You".


Agreed. That one kicks me in the ass every time.


The first few measures of the solo in "Ten Years Gone" kill me as well.


The "ooohs" in "Goodbye blue sky".


"friends in the trees, friends in the swamp" from "angels and fuselage".


"Speed up slow down go all around in the end" from tractor rape chain.

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The little melody Trey plays to begin the final section of "Lizards" - one of the most hauntingly beautiful melodies he ever composed, and it always sends the chills up the spine.

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One thing that always gives me chills is the way Merry Clayton's voice cracks on the "Rape, Murder" in Gimme Shelter.


hell yeah,another personal fav. chill :George Harrison's solo in The Cream's "Badge"

and would't forget the intro to "Riders On The Storm"

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I have a few:


The intro riff to "Impossible Germany" kills me


The simple piano notes at the end of Chinese apple


The Piano intro to "Scythian Empires" just gets to me, the notes seem so depressing then the songs shifts into a brighter offering.


The bended note on MMJ's "Run thru"


the sax riff right after the spanish style solo on Morphine's "Bo's Veranda" (at :47)


The intro to "Idiot Kings" by Soul Coughing and the blaring sample during the first few lines (WAHHHHH WAAAAAHHHH)


The solo Jeff has on the Sunken Treasure version of "In a future Age" (at 2:00)

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hell yeah,another personal fav. chill :George Harrison's solo in The Cream's "Badge"


That's a good one. It's interesting in that you could easily tell it's a Harrison riff even if you did not know he did it. Something about it just sounds so much like him. I think it was credited to "Harry's son" on the album or something.

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"by the bed, by the light..."- Far Far Away

Don't know why but I spend the entire song waiting for that line.


Sunken Treasure- every single lick of the song


"our love...our love...is all we have"- Jesus, etc


"he took down all the mirrors in the hallway

and thought only of his younger face"- Black Eye (on sunken treasure)


hmm. thats all I got for now. I know there are many more. There's obviously a reason Wilco is playing 98% of the time in my car or on my iphone.

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the opening piano tinkling on a shot in the arm makes me feel like everything is gonna be ok. when they ease into that live, i'm done.


the buildup to the headbanging part of spiders


the um in i'm a wheel


"...AND I SHOULD TAKE CARE" in hate it here


the little halfbeat pause at 3:16 in via chicago


the first 10 seconds of 90-mile waterwall by the national


"please don't rain on my people!" from slow down by wyclef jean

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There's a little piano fill on "Muzzle of Bees" that rocks my world every time.


thats my favorite part of any wilco song. that and the ending part.


lately, i like it when katy perry says "clothes." im serious. listen to it.

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The bass line in the beginning of Hand Shake Drugs...Nels guitar solo in the version on KICKING TELEVISION


The opening slide guitar riff on In My Time of Dying



"I'm wide awake...I'm not sleeping..."

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Nels's guitar work in 'What Light' -- especially the riffs after the lines "don't let anyone change your bag" and "just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on".


On the other end of the spectrum, there's "I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all" in 'Misunderstood'. I can't listen to that one too often.

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When Jeff sings "But I feel like this scribbling might stay" in Another Man's Done Gone


The last moments of Reservations with the almost inaudible creaks and buzzes and hums


The big blues riff at the end of Kingpin


"We can't deny even the gentlest tide" from On and On and On


"I'm so, I'm so, unsatisfied" in Unsatisfied by The Replacements. Paul Westerberg's voice is so fucking great.

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