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If i could sing and play guitar and had a video set up I would totally make you a little movie about how awesome birthdays are and how you should have cake every day and how the kitties would bake it with their little (but clean) paws and then the whole thing would end with a refrain of "give me back that filet o fish."


Have a happy one, dude! You're the cat's pajamas, you are.

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It's your birfday, Oblivious....so light up or leave me alone! :lol


Have a great day, dude. :birthday :cheers

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Thanks, everyone! I had a pretty mediocre birthday, so all these birthday wishes from my best VC buds really made my day!!


On the bright side, my siblings finally realized that weird instruments are perfect presents for me, so I'll be playing, among other things, a nose flute (N.A.P.E.) in my next song.

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