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Knoxville roll call!

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Weather is lookin' good - so I'll probably be wandering around in this fashion. But hey, pick some other place to meet up if you guys want, I'm not even a beer drinker!




10:00 ... Record Store Day begins! Live music etc.


2:00 - Wilco DVD showing at Disc Exchange.


4:00 - 6:00 ... Happy Hour at Nama Sushi :shifty - inching closer to the show!


6:00 - 8:00 ... Meet up at Downtown Grill & Brewery (close to venue, lots o beers, food, has Sleepymonkey's seal of approval! :monkey)


8:00 ... TENNESSEE THEATRE - A Hawk and A Hacksaw and then Wilco!


11:?? ... Post show - back to Downtown Grill & Brewery?



First thing after I arrive and rent a car, I'm heading to Disc Exchange - 2615 Chapman Highway - Knoxville, TN 37920 - 865-573-5710 - to buy some RSD stuff. Maybe have a little lunch (BBQ!) there and listen to some bands. Definitely watch the movie at 2:00. Check into hotel, perhaps a teeny nap for this old chick (3 shows in 3 nights in 3 cities!!!) and figure out where you all are again.


If anybody doesn't have my cell phone # already and wants to meet up with some VC'ers, PM me and we'll work it out. :dancing :thumbup We're pretty harmless.


Can't wait! Hope to meet up with everyone posting here!

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From the Grifter's house in Crawfordville, FL, it's 500 miles, so we have about an 8 hour drive. Therefore it looks like the Downtown Grill and Brewery for us. Dang, I wish that we could make the movie but that seems impossible... See you1

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OMG! I'll have to see what the grifter's views are re leaving in the Bible black pre-dawn...

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I am out the door and on the road. See ya!

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I'm out the door in about 7 hours. Trying to make it to the record store, but will definitely be at the bar pre-show. See You'll there, Greg

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