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Milwaukee hotels/transportation

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Hi, y'all!


I'm flying in to MKE for both shows (working for an airline is GREAT). Unfortunately, the hotels downtown close to the venue are out of my price range. I was wondering if there were any kind souls staying close to the airport that have a car/truck/van/SUV that would be willing to allow me to bum a ride. I could compensate with adult beverages before, during, or after the show, even!


I can supply references from my cell mates stating that i'm just your run-of-the-mill looney, not a deranged axe murderer.


thanks all!

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MCTS buses are pretty reliable--the route 80 goes from the airport to downtown, and lets off about 8 blocks from the theater. It's pretty cheap ($2-ish) compared to a cab ride...


I would've been willing to help you out, but I have kind of a big day at school and will probably not be available when you need me to be.


As for hotels, the ones that are downtown might be the only ones that are worth your consideration, as the rest of the hotels around here are kind of lost in the sprawl. Where have you checked so far?

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