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Tanglewood Bootleg Question

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You'll have to download the torrent, then convert the FLAC files to mp3s. It's easier than it sounds. I use Trader's Little Helper to convert files. There's more information about torrents and conversion in the In A Future Age forum.



I get that, but hasn't someone converted the audio on Wilcoworld.net into a MATRIX recording like the ROchester show?

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I get that, but hasn't someone converted the audio on Wilcoworld.net into a MATRIX recording like the ROchester show?


I have not seen what you are looking for anywhere.


I believe most legit bit torrent sites frown on webcast rips. I have looked up information about webcast rips at Dime a Dozen - you can find it in their FAQ or Help section.


The way we get them around here is by way of someone recording the show, and then passing the show on to us.


To be honest, I feel sort of weird about snagging those shows. I figure if they wanted us to really have them, they would offer them up in a format that could be downloaded.


Is the AUD source not good enough?


Below is the information on the Rochester show you are talking about. I don't think this sort of thing is typical, at least it's not the sort of thing I see out there from day to day:




Auditorium Theatre

Rochester, New York


Matrix Recording


Source 1 (SBD):

SBD via wilcoworld.net -> Garage Band


Source 2 (AUD):

Neumann KM150's > Aerco > M1

recorded from 7th row / Pat's side



Garageband -> iTunes -> CD -> .wav -> .flac


Compiled by Andrew Lowden


Also - this was up at bt.etree.org - so some of what I said was a bit off. Although, Dime a Dozen is more strict than the other legit BT sites. I usually look to what they go by, when talking about these sorts of things.


Check out the comments on this matrix.

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Sorry to bump this long gone thread, but I'm curious if anybody has a good rip of the stream of this show that was up in the roadcase section long before they started selling "roadcase" shows.  I did a rip of it all those years ago, but listening back recently I realized that there's quite a bit of clipping throughout and it's quite distracting.  Hoping somebody might be willing to share their copy :D

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I remember tuning in for this one. Damn fine show. Great balance of albums in the set list: 6 each from SBS, AGIB and YHF; 4 from ST; and 2 each from BT and MA thrown in for good measure.


My favorite shows from the current lineup are ones like these that draw a nice balance of songs from each of the albums, especially the first three records. My favorite Wilco show is still 10-13-2007 in KC, with 4 tracks from A.M., 3 from BT, 3 from ST, 5 from YHF, 4 from AGIB, 5 from SBS...and Hesitating Beauty. Perfect. The 2-27-08 show in D.C. has a nice spread too.


I really liked the shows from 2007-2008 in support of SBS. They had several years of touring under their belt at that point and had really started to click, they were excited about the new material and the live shows gave the songs some extra muscle not heard on record, Impossible Germany hadn't been played to death yet...hard to think it's already been 10 years since then.

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Does anyone know were I can download the Tanglewood show? I am looking for the soundboard recording that is posted on Wilcoworld.net and not a fan taping of the show. ...... Any help would be great.

I believe I have what you need as AIFF-C files.  PM me.  I can upload it for you on DropBox if you would like.

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