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Ok, well, it's startling how many jolly things there really are, when you start to think of it! :yes I began when I named the big three, Santa Claus, bankers, and the Green Giant, all inspired by Wilco's beautiful new "Jolly Banker".......


....but later realized I had utterly neglected:


Jolly Joes (candy)

Jolly Roger (pirate flag!)

and a Jolly Good Fellow, which is pretty much what we all hope we are


What other Jollies do you live by?


Oh, and while Woody Guthrie, and for that matter Jeff Tweedy, probably won't forgive your lapse, I personally forgive you for singing, "I'm a Jolly Rancher, Jolly Rancher am I" (watermelon flavor, dancing like those movie concession candies do) as I've been doing helplessly all day.


Jeff & Wilco, I truly love your song. Can I help it that I have children addicted to Jolly Rancher candies?

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Ok, somebody's gotta say it, and it jolly well oughta be the fool who begun this ridiculous thread (um, me :blush):


this thread has only the thinnest and most existential of connections to Wilco, and as such really doesn't belong in Just A Fan. I'm moving myself over to Tongue Tied Lightning.

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