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Stop the RSS feeds, Shane MacGowan has teeth!

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Whoa! That is disconcerting. I don't know how to feel. I guess that is a good thing (him having teeth).

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ahhhhh, the good old days

Please. These were the good old days! :lol (The damned filter won't let me insert an image!) Moderator assistance, please?


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Christ... this guy makes Keith Richards look like a pussy.

:lol Now now....don't go raggin' on my hero!

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Couldn't he spring an extra grand or so for the white ones instead of the tobacco stained yellow ones?


maybe they were white when he got them!


i remember when he guest-programmed a music chow here a few years ago, he could barely sit on the couch - let alone stand up!.


john & glenn did the show around the same time

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