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Audacity/ Laptop question

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I think/ hope this is the right forum?

I have been doing some recording with audacity.

Gibson J-160E into Vox VBM1 into laptop works great. This amp has a "recording/headphones" outjack

Soooo.. I tried with my 80w fender twin which has only "external speaker" output :dontgetit


Result: no sound from my laptop, itunes, mediaplayer, youtube, audacity, etc.

Headphone jack no good either tried 3 pairs of head phones to make sure it was not a bad set.


My hope. There is some sort of "circuit breaker"/ fuse that was tripped instead of frying my audio?


Dell Inspiron1500 with windows vista.


The usual diagnostic/ speaker check shows the speakers are working properly, they are not.

I have checked mutes and volume levels I know of on these programs.


Any help would be greatly appriciated!!

Thanks in advance


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If i am reading the post correctly, you went from the external (powered) jack on the amp into the input on your laptop...?? BAD!


First, check all of your drivers...although i suspect they will checkout...


If this is the case, you might have done some serious damage to the soundcard in the computer...the ext speaker jack is designed to push a cabinet, and the laptops input jack is designed only for a line level signal...you might have fried the speakers in the laptop, but i suspect the soundcard would be damaged before even getting to the small speakers


I cant really cant come up with anymore theories without actually seeing the laptop...i suspect you are in trouble with it...

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