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Sonic Youth - 7/3, NY

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i'm going to see them in philly tommorrow night. i can't wait, it will be my first sonic youth show. i like the eternal a lot, so i don't mind them playing a lot of those songs, i just hope the set is descent in length. i heard they've been playing for about an hour and a half? i guess that's pretty normal for most concerts, but i've been spoiled by bands that like to play 2 and a half to 3 hour shows.



i wanna hear some pattern recognition........


anyone know who the opener will be?

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Saw them in Chicago, last Sunday. Just got into them over last year or so, so I don't have much perspective, but I thought the show was great.


Below is a blog about the Chicago Show --- I found it posted on the Sonic Youth board. Has a few vid's and the set list.



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I was front row right in front of Lee for the Philly show last night. It was loose and loud and a lot of fun. They opened with Catholic Block, then blazed through all of The Eternal, along with Death Valley '69, The Sprawl, 'Cross the Breeze, and Silver Rocket. Thurston screwed up the lyrics on both Poison Arrow and Anti-Orgasm and Kim sounded a bit hoarse, but it was still a top-notch show. I'm all bruised up and sore from jumping around so much!


It's a shame they're not playing much older stuff this time around, but the new album is so good that I didn't mind it too much. A lot of my favorite SY songs are sort of obscure ones, so I figured they didn't have much of a chance of being played anyway.

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Ok, so I saw them last night.


The opening band was good, not great. They were a '70s-ish power trio type of band. The one handed guitar trills with the other hand held high in the air was a bit annoying, like "look how badass I am, but please ignore the fact that I'm doing the easiest and least musical thing you can do with a guitar". That's a pet peeve of mine, but fortunately the guy only did that at the beginning of the show. The rest of their set was solid.


SY opened with Tom Violence and then played most (or all) of The Eternal. Non Eternal songs included Shadow of a Doubt, White Cross, and a couple others I'm forgetting now. They rocked hard and played some nice improvs off of the Eternal material. The new songs sound really good live, but I would have preferred to hear maybe half the new album and several more songs from their enormous back catalog. I think they skipped their entire '90s output. Maybe I can't blame them since they were super active in the '90s and are probably burned out on that material.


All in all, an excellent show. Not the best I've ever seen them, but they still sound great.

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