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Chicago Show Announcement On Monday

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I don't know why, but I'm thinking a new different venue for this time around...the post does say show though as in singular, so I'm thinking it's gotta be a place that holds some peeps for a proper homecoming.


Wrigley is too big, even in Chicago, perhaps with a nice double-bill with the likes of MMJ or something, but me thinks we would have certainly already heard about a Wrigley date.


Millenium Park again would be cool no doubt, but again with the way the city pre-plans for these events, I'm not sure we wouldn't have already heard something.


Vic, Riv, Auditorium- Been there, done that.





Navy Pier Skyline Stage- I don't even know how many that venue holds.


Charter One Pavilion- A bigger outdoor amp along the lake...


Ravina- Probably would have already heard about this as well as Ravina releases all their dates at once for the most part.


Chicago Theatre- Sounded great for My Morning Jacket last year, a big possibility?

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Chicago Theatre- Sounded great for My Morning Jacket last year, a big possibility?


They've already played the Chicago Theatre, but it's possible they could come back to it.

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Why? It's bigger than the auditorium and about twice the size of the Riv.



My bad, for whatever reason I read Aragon and thought Metro. Sounding so similar, you could see why I could get so easily confused. :huh Aragon makes perfect sense, even though not neccessarily a sexy venue for them to play.


Chicago Theatre would be very ideal as well

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Uggh. Not the Brawlroom.


There are so many places for bands to play that are nicer and have better sound than the cavern know as the Aragon. Only one band have I ever seen there has made it sound reasonably good and that was Rage. Maybe since Morello is from Libertyville, he had the insight to help the soundcrew work the room.


It would be cool to see them do a handful of small local theaters around the area in addition to a bigger show in the city.

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Guest Jules

What about that make-shift Charter One pavilion thing near the old Miggs? I'll take anything over the Aragon (the last show I saw there was Nirvana in 1993, and I swore that I would never go back).

Aragon isn't confirmed, so let's all just wait.


I kind of like the Charter One thing. I saw Black Crowes there a couple years ago. It was fun.

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The Aragon is certainly big, although a total dump with some of the worst sound ever (well maybe not worse that place in Milwaukee. It has the same issues, large high ceiling with round walls and plenty of echo. These hauls were built to house dance bands without amplification.



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All it takes is one of these threads to get down on the abundance of sub-par venues we have here in Chicago. That's not to say we don't still have some really great ones as well, but it doesn't get much worse than the bottom of the list...


Aragon-no comment.

United Center- good call on the aluminum celing, awful sound for concerts.

First Midwest-Tinley Park (perhaps the most awful outdoor amp in existance?)

Vic/Riv/Metro-all need MAJOR work.

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