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NHL 2010-2011 Season Thread

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Yeah, probably the worst game of the season. To be fair let's look at the injury list for that game:

Alex Burrows (puck to the throat in the first)

Daniel Sedin (back spasms)

Steve Bernier

Mikael Samuelsson

Willie Mitchell


Shane O'Brien has been "suspended" by the team and Pavol Demitra took an emergency flight that day in and played his first game in weeks.


I'm not surprised they lost. Though I would have pulled Luo after the 4th goal and started him tonight. He seems to be on and off lately, but that's ok I'd rather have him cold now and not in two weeks.


Canuck fans are the worst, listening to the sports radio you'd imagine the world is about to end but if the Canucks win three in a row, you might as well hand them the cup then and there. :yucky




Anyways, let's quit criticizing the leagues most golden goalie and do something worthwhile. Join this Facebook group and help Pat Burns get into the HHOF.

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Oh my poor Bruins. Stumbling into the playoffs (hopefully). At this point I'll be happy with any outcome in the playoffs: Either they surprise everyone and make a solid run, or they lose quick and end this disappointing season.


My premature Stanley Cup picks: Washington v. Vancouver: Washington in 6. But don't quote me on that.

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i like your Stanley Cup prediction meaning I like that you put Vancouver in there. It would be tough to get past Chicago and San Jose but we know SJ chokes in playoffs and Chicago doesnt have a great goaltender. the 'Nucks have good offense and defense and Lu will probably straighten out soon. so good prediction.


I'll predict. Washington vs Chicago. Washington in 5. Chicago will take most series to 7 games as goaltending will be their down fall but their offense keeps them in it. They'll be beat up more than the Caps by the start of Cup and the Caps will bring the bruises.



**My favorite time of the year! NHL Hockey playoffs + Start of the MLB Season!** (sorry NFL...)

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I really hope the Avs can hold onto the 8th spot. They've been a really nice surprise success story this year. They've been faltering lately, but hopefully they can hang on.


Screw Calgary and screw the Sutters!

Yeah!!!! Everyone expected them to finish last, it'd be great to see them make the playoffs. Calgary doesn't deserve to be there, in my opinion.

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hey cowboy poet, ive totally come around, kesler!, sedin, sedin, wellwood, ehrhoff, burrows!, grabner, raymond, samuelsson, salo, LU!

i love them all!


well, i loved them back in the day, bure, naslund, bertuzzi, morrisson, cloutier.....


wish i was in vancouver right now.....





edit: wish again, 3-0 sharks in middle of 2nd period, ouch!

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Why were you pumped? The Canucks started Andrew Raycroft. They're playing for nothing. I didn't even bother to watch that game. They sat Sami Salo, let Matt Pettinger play center and let Nolan Baumgartner in the lineup. What's concerning is that O'Brien and Rome both left the game (apparently!). Which means the Canucks blue line is getting dangerously thin with Ehrhoff and Mitchell already out (and a bunch of the better depth/farm guys like Lukowich, Nycholat, Funk, injured) and Sami Salo obviously a bit sore. Not the best time to get bitten by the injury bug. :ohwell


I fully expected the Canucks to lose tonight though, they probably spent most of the night trying to get Henrik some points. Please don't judge my team off the 81st game of the season. That game meant nothing!!


It'll be interesting to see what happens... Ehrhoff should be ready for the playoffs, but if they want to go anywhere they need Rome and O'Brien back, soon! Hopefully they'll have a few nights off before game 1 (versus LA hopefully).

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it was very apparent right after the start that this was a "JV" game. no worries. I was excited for the matchup of a possible playoff matchup.


Canucks will be tough in playoffs. as far as injuries and soreness, that is probably most teams right now. Usually the last week of NHL play out like this where guys sit and rest. i think i forgot about it when i got the game on my computer last night.





anyway, NCAA Hockey, the rematch is set, Wisconsin vs Boston College, UW beat BC in '06 for the title. GO BUCKY! GO BIG RED!!

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Currently, it's Wings v Canucks. Canucks are the only western playoff team with a losing road record, and their defense is banged up.


I'd rather see the Wings play the Canucks than the Coyotes.


Amazingly, this will be the first time in Lidstrom's 18-year career that he's opened the playoffs on the road.

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predictions for the first round? :)


SJ over COL 4-1 Avs stumbling too much heading into the playoffs

CHI over NSH 4-3

VAN over LA 4-2

PHX v DET is a tough one, hoping for PHX 4-3


WSH over MTL 4-0

NJ over PHI 4-2 though the Flyers have some momentum

BOS over BUF 4-3 Rask v Miller should be great

PIT over OTT 4-2 Malkin will get back to top form

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SJ over COL 4-3, SJ will begin the choking but slightly get past COL

CHI over NSH 4-2

VAN over LA 4-2

DET over PHX, Howard vs Bryz, I'll take Howard


WSH over MTL 4-0

NJ over PHI 4-2

BUF over BOS, Miller gets back to Olympic form

PIT over OTT 4-3, OTT is on a roll, make it tough for PIT




Happy for Sedin that he got the Art Ross, what a year, 112 points!

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West (the only conference that matters)


Sharks over Avs in 5.

Preds over Hawks in 6. I think the Hawks are ripe for a big letdown, and Rinne could steal the series.

Canucks over Kings in 5.

Wings over Coyotes in 6.


Preds over Sharks in 6.

Wings over Canucks in 7.


Wings over Preds in 7.


East (the also rans)


Caps over Canadiens in 5.

Flyers over Devils in 6.

Bruins over Sabres in 7.

Pens over Sens in 6. (No way will the NHL let Cindy go out in the first round)


Caps over Flyers in 6.

Pens over Bruins in 5.


Caps over Pens in 7.




Wings over Caps in 6.


St. Nick retires with 5 gol-den rings!


I very much enjoyed the Wings victory over the Hawks yesterday. Not only did they deny them the Conference's best record, but they also denied them from tying their home wins in one season record (30).

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Bruins in 7 would be nice, so so sure though. How do ya beat Miller.

Put a big body in front of him, and crash the net. Red Wings' formula for tough goalies for years. Not a sure-fire thing, since players who are willing to take Holmstromesque punishment are few and far between, but, you have to be willing to get ugly goals by creating traffic in front of the net.


Miller will stop what he can see.

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