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Wilco, 2009 July 21, Royal Oak, Michigan

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any sign of a recording yet please? thanks, ba



Check back earlier in this thread. A very good audience recording is already up...

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I've seen Wilco 8 times before this show and this was the most enjoyable I've experienced. Noticed on the set list tally that they played the most songs of any show listed this year. I thought it was long and couldn't believe they kept going like they did -- an 8 song, second encore! Tweedy re-energized my Wilco love with that one & The Album helps, too!

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Great bump! It was definitely my favorite-est Wilco show to date! These days, as a part of a cost-cutting motion, I've decided against seeing the same band on the same tour on different nights. May have to see if I can score some tickets to the Ann Arbor show next month though!


But how can upper balcony at the Hill compare to 7th or 8th row (dead center) at the Royal Oak Music Theater?

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I had a good time last night and did record the show. To my knowledge I was the only one. The previous comments about the sound were pretty accurate. It is a boomy room with poor acoustics and it is reflected in the recording. Stan did a great job and after the first two songs, he got it sounding better, but it is just not an ideal venue for music. All that said, it is very listenable and besides, there weren't be any other sources! The torrent can be found on etree:


schoeps mk41>nbox>sonyd50


I recently got the show from owl&bear very easily and am absolutely thrilled to have it on cd to enjoy over & over again! I'm not generally attracted to live recordings unless, I now know, I was there. Thanks for sharing and making this Wilco fanatic very happy.

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