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Micah P. Hinson has a new record out next month. He doesn't seem to get much love but is an amazing artist. His albums have a beautiful, timeless quality to them. His new one is called 'All dressed up and smelling of strangers' and is out on the 21st September. Its a covers album and it looks a bit tasty. Can't wait to hear him have a go at 'Suzanne'. His version of 'Whilst my guitar...' was a b-side off his last record. Tracklisting:


Volume 1

1. Slow and Steady

2. This Old Guitar

3. Kiss Me Mother, Kiss You Darling

4. Not Forever Now

5. The Times They Are A Changin’

6. Suzanne

7. We Almost Had A Baby

8. My Way


Volume 2


1. Sleepwalk

2. Running Scared

3. Stop The World

4. Are You Lonesome

5. In The Pines

6. You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice

7. Listen To Me

8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Not sure if anyones interested but Micah P Hinson has a new record out next month. Beautifully titled 'Micah P Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs'it is out in the UK on the 'Full Time Hobby' label and you can pre-order with and get a pack of Micah P Hinson playing cards!! His last record has grown on me as I wasn't overly impressed on first listen. However, his first three studio albums were all top draw. He also has some dates coming up in the UK in June.


He might, judging by the response my initial post got, be one of those artists thats better known in the UK than his homeland (Abelene, Texas). I believe he spent some time living in Manchester a few years back. I would recommend giving his stuff a go. I'm sure you guys would love it.

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He's awesome but he's never really caught on here in his home state for whatever reason. I dig his records but his live performances are fairly erratic.It often seems like he's some indie-folk version of Bad Blake--calling up someone he knows in town, practicing maybe once and playing a show before moving on to the next stop on the tour.

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i dont know why hes not loved more, should be right up this forums alley

Yeah I always thought that. A great artist. I love the artwork for his new album. All his record covers have been very beautiful and classy (Erotic also):




I have tickets for the Manchester show so I'm really looking forward to that.


If anyone is interested I'd recommend the following tracks to check out. They're all top notch:


1) Digging A Grave;

2) When We Embraced;

3) We Won't Have To Be Lonesome;

4) Throw The Stone;

5) Jackeyed;

6) Letter To huntsville;

7) Beneath The Rose;

8) Caught In Between;

9) The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea;

0) As You Can See;

11) This Old Guitar (Cover);

12) Suzanne (Cover);

13) Are You Lonewome Tonight (Cover)

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You can hear a track off the new record when you pre-order the new album off the 'Full Time Hobby' website. Its an amazing tune, very heavy and chaotic. Hopefully this is an indication of what the album will sound like as I do feel we need something a bit different from Micah this time around.

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