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My New Vintage Amp -- Early 60's Airline Model

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So, even though my next gear purchase was to be another acoustic, I came across a 60's "Airline" (basically a department store amp -- Motgomery Ward mail-order, made by Harmony, Kay, and Valco) for about $100. It's about the equivalent of my Fender Champ power-wise, but it sounds better (it's tube rectified, unlike the modern Champ). It needs a little boost to really break up with a single-coil pickup (nice and crunchy with humbuckers, though), but it has a great tone cranked. It's actually got a different rectifier in place of the 6X4 it needs, and it looks like replacing it with a 6X4 should actually give it a little extra break-up (though it really is quite nice as is). Anyway, this old department store cast-off (well, not entirely -- it has been recapped) has quickly become my go-to recording amp. I guess even the low-budget amps in the 60's sounded better.

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