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Summerteeth Album Cover

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As a photo it is sheer art.


As an album cover it always struck me as odd.

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When Summerteeth first came out I thought the cover image was a loosely based homage to George Méliès "A Trip to the Moon."



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me too, I'm embarrassed to say I thought it was a moon.wow.



:yay That is exactly what I always thought, too!!! :blush



Me too, I always thought it was a moon with some strange toothy smile going on



me too!being that Summerteeth is Wilco's bubblegum pop effort, the cover makes way too much sense. sneaky guys, these Wilcos are.



haha, glad I'm not the only one!



I like that thought! I too previously thought it was a moon..


i feel a little less alone

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