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The latest Ryan Adams thread V2.0

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Some new dates....I will try and attend the Carnegie Date..haven't seen him headline a show since 2005..I am overdue!


Ryan Adams -- 2011 Tour Dates

10/11 San Diego, CA - Balboa Theater

10/13 Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Library

10/14 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Theater

10/15 Napa, CA - Uptown Theater

10/17 Santa Cruz, CA - The Rio

10/18 Sacramento, CA - Crest Theatre

10/20 Eugene, OR - The Shedd

10/21 Seattle, WA - Benaroya

12/2 Philadelphia, PA - Academy of Music

12/4 Baltimore, MD - Lyric Opera House

12/6 New York, NY - Carnegie Hall

12/8 Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

12/10 Toronto, ON - Winter Garden Theatre

12/11 Chicago, IL - Cadillac Place

12/13 Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre

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doesn't everybody get tired of reading the same shit about "the dra" (how he was supposed to die, drugs, drugs, more drugs, etc.) and tweedy/wilco (rose from the ashes of ut, record label dropped them, etc.)...it just seems that the journalists dredge up the same stuff with each successive record release as article material.


sorta unoriginal is all i'm saying.


and...i can't wait to preview this later. sorry to hear it ain't doin it for you, a-man. i also prefer love is hell over gold and heartbreaker, but like all three of them very much (would prefer to have gold less "polished" however).


update: totally digging this thing.

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After listening to the new album a solid 4 times over, it's reminding me a lot of the slower tunes from Cold Roses. I really like it. This album has got to be Ryan's most cohesive work, ever. I am not putting any of his previous records down. This one just flows so well.

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glad to see/hear RA back in action, i really missed that guy and im glad to hear that he is feeling good these days.


i think we will hear it in the music, i can already hear it in Dirty Rain (first track off NPR stream.)


my head is exploding with Wilco, Jayhawks, Ryan Adams new releases, i need ample time with each record.....too much! but i love it ha!

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After about 4 or 5 spins of the new one, i'm impressed. i think he just created a soft rock masterstroke. I mean that respectfully and without irony. It was a little wierd to hear ryan put out such a samey/coherent record, however it works for me. I think the one criticism I would have, is that few of the songs hit his usual highwater mark. It is very consistent, but other than "I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say" or "Lucky Now", I don't think he is in his crazy awesome territory. As for "I Love You But..." I figure people on this board will slay that song or this album for being dad rock or easy listening, but that song is a true classic. maybe a tad much for the masses, but the song and the perfromance are immaculate.

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After four spins, I think it's okay. It's better than anything since Easy Tiger, but that ain't sayin' much. Maybe it will grow on me with time, but right now it just makes me want to take a nap. It's cohesive. It's well produced. Sounds great. The songs are just ho-hum. Again, maybe it will grow on me. It just feels like he is trying too hard.

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I'd keep tryin, my first listen or so was underwhelming, but the melodies and stuff are starting to come out. I had the same issue when easy tiger first came out, now I love that thing. Now I'm a complete homer for ryan, but I will always defend Cardinology, 29, III/iv. with the exception of III/iV which could have made one killer single album (the one time i would call for an editor for ryan). I don't know, I just feel he has never stopped. everyone talks about how it isn't as good etc etc. who knows. like i said it probably isnt' objective for me.

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I'm not immediately getting into Ashes & Fire.


Anyways, for whatever reason I started going onto the Ryan message boards to look for his unreleased stuff finally and then found my way onto a very recent story about his typical behavior (i thought he was happy? yeah right) doing a show with Neil FInn & Janis Ian. I guess he gave Janis a dirty look when she tried to sing (and/or play along with) one of his songs when they all sat together towards the end of the show. Then he refused to sing with Neil & Janis, in fact he was on his phone bidding on t-shirts on ebay. And he packed up his guitar while they played when all 3 of them were expected to perform in unison like these shows usually go. So this turned into Neil getting upset on stage and then it went onto the message board. A fan criticized Ryan of his behavior and Ryan came on and told that fan that he was a loser etc. Then Janis Ian came on and told her side of the story which Ryan vehemently denied in subsequent posts saying stuff like "I'm my own person. I don't have to do anything anyone tells me" (or something close enough to that). Very bizarre and from I gathered this wasn't the 1st time that he's gone onto his own message board to defend himself/insult fans.


I don't know. I find it very hard to like this guy as much as I used to with all of these reports of hissy fits and his self absorbed mentality. How many fans does he think will stick with him? A close friend of mine went 2 hours out of his way to see him in Portland, ME a few years ago and Ryan acted all weird complaining about the lights and then walked off very early. Look, if you can't perform a show without getting a bit anxious or whatever then don't do it. People pay good money to see you and change their schedule accordingly.




In closing, I am beyond proud to be a WIlco fan. I know that Jeff has had a few instances in the past that may make us cringe and be embarrassed, but for the most part there is mutual admiration. I don't know how you can be a true Ryan Adams fan without being severely embarrassed at his various odd, sometimes childish behavior.


I guess that I should just separate the man from the music, but hearing all of this makes me avoid seeing him in concert. Thankfully, I've been lucky in the past, but you never know which guy you're paying good money to see show up.

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