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Here's the request tally as of this morning. I had to stuff the ballot to do a final lookup. :shifty I will be in the GA mosh pit both nights, straining to see past the 6'5ers..... :rock


October 18th

It's Just That Simple

Magazine Called Sunset



Hoodoo Voodoo


Kicking Television

Cars Can't Escape

Dreamer in my dreams

Summer Teeth


October 19th

I'll Fight

Box Full Of Letters

What's the world got in store

I Must Be High

Via Chicago

At Least That's What You Said

Passenger Side

Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Far, Far Away

Airline to Heaven

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i live so close to the pavilion I can see it from my front stoop...


the bars that are probably closest are Stanley's on Racine, just north of the highway. About 2 blocks due north of the front door. As well as Union Park, which is about a block north of Stanleys. Stanleys has a southern vibe... wall is plastered with country music/classic rock album covers, decent food, good beer. Supposed to look "divey". Union Park is a McPub that skews towards the sports bar type. On Vernon Park is the legendary Tuffano's Vernon Park Tap (Vernon Park is the street bordering the south of the UIC Pav parking lot). But Tuffano's is more dinner than "hang out and drink" place.


Then, there are bunch of bars on Taylor St. Since you are in Little Italy, and the UIC campus, the bars/restaurants will primarily have an Italian flair or college-bar atmosphere (such as Hawkeyes, etc.). Also, north of UIC on Madison and Washington there are many bars. One of the most popular, The West End, will be packed but is easy to get to and has fine food.

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